Mark's Eulogy, and a Question

Mark's Eulogy, and a Question

A week ago, my good friend's Dad, Mark, fell and broke his back and was paralyzed from the neck down. This morning he died.

Mark was the best type of person. In fact, after his paralyzation (he could still talk), he lamented that he couldn't use his limbs because he was supposed to help deliver Meals on Wheels the next day.

At funerals, they never talk about someone's accomplishments, but rather what kind of person they were. I mean, at the end of it all, who cares what Mark did for a living? What matters is that he was the kind of man, who, when his wife found him paralyzed, immediately started telling her how thankful he was for their 40+ years of marriage and the wonderful life they had shared together. He raised three exceptionally well adjusted children and enjoyed time with three grandchildren. He was involved in his community and always made me feel at home whenever I visited his house. He was a good man down to his very core.

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