Forgetting to write for the 1st time

All week I've forgotten to write here. I even stacked up pre-written posts but I forget to even come here and press 'publish!'

It's because I've been completely obsessed with fixing up my house. It's like... there's this 1/3 of an acre that's a total blank canvas and I get to paint whatever I want on it, and have people literally walk into my art and interact with it, and how cool is that?

The massive backyard was a jungle of dead weeds up to my waist when I moved in. There's an ocean of broken glass and tile by my deck. The walls are permeated with nicotine from 20+ years of smokers living in it. It's a fucking mess.

But I bought this house because I've always seen it 5 years in the future. I have a 5 year plan and every single day, I get one step closer, then another. And before my eyes it's transforming into something that feels a little bit like magic.

I'm consumed. Overcome. Obsessed. I can think of nothing else.

...And I also think it's taking up my life because then I don't have to do the thing that really scares me.

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