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He lost his tribe but gained his destiny

When the advertising legend, Claude Hopkins, was 18, he did the most daring thing of his life.

He was raised to be a preacher, and was about to give a sermon to 800 people. But this time he decided to preach what he actually thought about the religion he secretly disagreed with.

His Mom was in the front row, surrounded by ranked religious officials who knew her well. This speech would permanently ruin not only his ministry career but also his relationship with her.

But he knew it was his only way out, and he did it. Everyone's faces went pale. No one spoke to him after the lecture. And the next day, his mom asked him to lunch and once there, her first words were, "You are no longer my son."

Their relationship was never the same. But because he so publicly denounced the career he'd been born into, he then freed himself to become one of the greatest advertisers of modern history.

I don't know about you, but I often get caught up in not wanting to hurt others with my truth. We're hardwired for connection, and the thought of being left terrifies me.

And Claude lost a LOT that day. But he went on to change the advertising world.

And I'm not risking anything like what Claude did! So what's stopping me from being a bit more honest? A bit more bold?