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post-2nd vaccine introspection

Last year, my boss at the time got super sick unexpectedly. The whole thing lasted quite a while, and it was a really tough time for him. 💛

And then he quit. He said that getting so sick put into sharp perspective what really mattered in his life, and he couldn't afford to waste any time because who knows how much longer any of us have?

I feel a bit like death today after the 2nd vaccine. It's just a tiny taste of what he went through, but it still got me introspective.

I crave mountains, nature, peace, quiet. I want to grow my own nourishing food (working on it already!). I want to spend my weekends exploring forests and breathing in fresh air. I want to spend every single day of the year outdoors.

I want someone to hold me when I'm not feeling my best. Someone patient, loving, and responsible. Someone to go on nature walks and drives with. Someone who wants to be a really great dad.

I suppose my ideal situation is to meet a great guy here in ATX (educated, single men are plentiful here), and in a couple years, we can move to Colorado or the PNW and live a quiet life with a few close-knit friends.

I've always known this. But I don't know if I've stated it publicly.