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Maybe it's okay to Tell as long as you also Do?

The other day I talked about how WHEN I GET EXCITED ABOUT MY BUSINESS IDEA I TELL OTHER PEOPLE buttheylookatmeblanklyandthensaysomethingnicebecauseAmericansaren'tgoodatbeingdirect and it breaks my heart a little bit.

So I condemned telling people about your ideas and suggested that just doing the stuff instead is better (and that may still be true).

But tonight I got tacos with a new friend from Twitter and things got pretty deep. Sometimes things just effortlessly flow with a new friend; this was one of those times.

So I told him my idea, fully expecting him to look at me blankly and tell me something nice out of pity.

His eyes lit up. He got it.

"This could be ___________," he said. I hadn't told him that ___________ was the goal, and that I'd broken out exactly how to get there, and that I thought it was possible. So I lit up more too, and told him, and he completely agreed.

"I've only told one other person that I thought they could make it big, and she is actually making it big. And I'm telling you, you have it. You're going to make it big."

It pierced my heart and gave it life and, look, I want to be the kind of person who doesn't need external validation but once in a while I just do. I'm only human.

So I'm holding it dear, and moving forward, with a bit more wind under my sails. Or should I say... I've been quietly moving forward already?