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we met bc we were living our dreams

I caught up with my ex this week, and it was a little bit like returning home again. We're quite different, but our core values have always lined up.

I felt known, and more than that, I knew myself in him. I dunno if that makes sense. But it was like... wow okay, someone else gets it.

Of course he would get it. We met in a co-working space in Seoul, both solo-traveling and pursuing our own businesses. We met each other because we were living out our dreams, our hobbies, our visions for the future, and it led us naturally to the same place.

You know, most of my best connections sprang from situations where we were jointly doing something true to us. Night hiking under the full moon in Boulder. Studying abroad in Brazil. Geeking out over writing with fellow language lovers. In each case, I was doing something from the heart, and they were too, and we saw each other.

Here in Austin, I've been struggling to find friends whom I really click with. So perhaps I am currently pursuing a dream that isn't mine. I mean that's gotta be it, right? If I was engaging in activities and working towards things that were really ME, I would find others that were similar too.

And maybe these same exact people would click with me and vice versa, if I showed them the things I'm really into.