Skin in the Game

makers Apr 23, 2020

Start at around the 60 minute mark, where Shaan is talking about a chat he had with Naval.

"The way to learn is to go put some skin in the game, try to actually use the tools, that'll teach you about their shortcomings, that'll teach you what's cool about it, watch a ton of videos, lose a little bit of money, make a little bit of money, and the actual learning of being on the forefront of technology will pay itself off in multiples.
You're trying to live on the edge of technology, so that you actually are learning at a faster rate than somebody who is sitting on the sidelines and will wait will hear what they're told."
"If you're too far in your comfort zone, you learn nothing. If you're too far out of your comfort zone, you'll also learn nothing. The secret of people who get great at something is that they sit right on the boundary where they're pushed beyond what they know but not so far beyond where they drown. If you're trying to learn about this, you might feel like you're drowning today so just go find a level where you're on that edge of your comfort zone and your uncomfort zone."

Madison Taskett

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