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How Auth0's CEO learned to Sell

When I first started working at Auth0, someone asked the CEO, a former software engineer, how he learned to sell.

"I still remember my first pitch when we founded Auth0," he said. " I was terrible at it! I stumbled over every word. But we had a great product, and that helped a lot. Plus, it was my company! If I couldn't sell the product, how could I expect anyone else to?

Now, I can sell Auth0 in my sleep. I can pitch it drunk! laughs I can sell no matter what state I'm in, because I've done it so often and I know our value proposition so well. It's as easy as breathing to me now."

Tonight, I am so exhausted that on a zoom call with my girlfriends a few minutes ago, I couldn't form sentences without a lot of effort. I am so tired from all the hiccups that come with purchasing a house.

But I can write this. I could blog in any state and have it come out halfway decent most of the time. Because I do it a lot, and I care a lot.

Maybe those two ingredients are all we need to do most things well.

I've been psyching myself out about some big goals, but it's probably as simple as passion + perseverance.