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I'm going to write a NYT Bestseller

I have an idea that, if I laid it out correctly, would help change a lot of people's lives.

And ever since I can remember, it's been my dream to be a NYT bestselling author.

I broke it down and it's actually completely doable. Basically, you need to have an email subscriber audience of about 100K, and have 10k of those people pre-order or buy the book in the first week, in different locations and from differing bookstores.

Why can't I do that? I can probably do that!

First step = audience of 100K qualified email subscribers. I currently have... 32 subscribers 😂. I clearly haven't been aiming for subscribers, and frankly I don't even know how people are finding the 'subscribe' option on my site as it is!

This is the project I'm starting in January. I'm still figuring out how it'll be formatted. If I'll be the main voice or if there will be many voices involved. I'll probably share my thoughts on this in the coming weeks.

Now you know my secret goal. Those very few of you that I've told this to, have been like, "Okay. Go do it. I believe in you." And for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Let's do this thing!