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"muscle" memory

When I first started running, someone told me this new habit would be there forever. Even if I stopped for a long time, if I were to pick it up again, the rhythm would come right back because it would already be programmed into me.

I've stopped and started running again at various points, and each time it's so easy to get back into the flow. My body knows the drill.

Turns out it's the same with writing. I blogged here almost every single day in 2020, then stopped for a long time. This week I started writing again with no intention of making it a daily thing.

But my body remembers. It's late after a very long Friday night and I'm exhausted. I feel like I could close my eyes right now and be out.

But instead I zombie-shuffled over to my computer and started this post. Because I somehow unlocked my brain's 'daily post pattern' earlier this week when I started writing in a casual way.

It's easy now because I did the hard work years ago.

I want to start some new 'programs'. Like actually trying to get my words out there, building an audience, that sort of thing. And it's daunting because I haven't built it into my brain, so it's all clunky and scary and off. But once I do the work to make it a habit, it'll feel like air, like breath, like, effort? What effort?