play with the best to forget the rest

I watched a dance competition today, and they open the floor to everyone in between rounds. So I had a chance to dance with actual pros, how lucky was I? I mustered my courage and asked a different competitor to dance each time I got a chance.

I think I might have been the worst dancer there by far. Some of my partners literally rolled their eyes in exasperation when I didn't know a move. Others, though, were super cool about it, and there was even one guy who kept coming back to teach me new things.

Regardless, each time I danced, I was scared and I felt like the worst dancer and it was super hard and kicked my butt.

After, I stopped at my favorite bar. A bunch of my friends were there, I knew every song being played, and it was my usual style of dancing. So even though my bar is known for its experienced dancers, and even though I'm usually a bit insecure, tonight nothing intimidated me!

I danced with partners who were way better, and who tried to use moves I didn't know, and I didn't give a fuck, because I just survived dancing with people who are God tier!

It felt so good. I want to do that more often, and with different areas of my life.