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How I come with ideas for daily blogging

Short answer: I don't. I force myself to write each day, ideas be damned.

Most days, I sit down at my computer with no friggin' clue what I'm going to blog about today. At times, I agonize about it and I want to skip the day's writing and it's super hard to get started.

Other days, I will write a post and halfway through, get an idea for a better post, scratch the first post completely, and start over. This can happen multiple times in the same day.

And yet other days, I will be bursting with ideas, and I'll write three posts all at once and space them out over the coming days.

The longer I keep up a writing streak, the easier it is to come up with ideas. When I first started blogging in January, it was excruciating finding something to write about. Omg it was SO hard. Now, it's much easier and even the hard days are a walk in the park compared to when I first started.