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19: It's Great BECAUSE It's Hard

Life is really good and super hard at the same time. How weird is that? I've never had both at the same time.

I'm going through something heavy and it's maybe the hardest thing I've ever done? It's been SO fucking painful and SO freaking awesome at the same time.

I tackled something really big today and I drove up to my run spot and randomly just started crying (I don't cry easily). It took me completely by surprise but even in that moment I was like, 'This is beautiful!' When I was done I laughed while wiping my tears, then went and had a really amazing run.

I'm going through it right now, but I'm also full of wonder and I'm more optimistic than ever.

Maybe when we're 100% committed to changing, especially when it's almost impossible and we don't think we can do it, actually going through it is the best ever.

I'm so thankful.