Day 5: Empty Two Million Dollar Check

I'm gonna be the one who wins the big check at the end of the day. And even if I had, even if I’d won two million dollars, it wouldn’t have been enough. It never would have been enough. -Anon Gambling Addict

No amount of approval or reassurance will be enough to make me feel secure about my worth.

I used to feel this way about work too, that I would never be productive enough, even if I worked 24 hours in a day and never slept again. I just wasn't chosen to be successful. No accomplishment of mine was ever worthy... I always felt like I was lucky to even be in the maker sphere and one day my peers would wake up and realize what I knew to be true, that I was nothing, that I was a fake, that I was an imposter and that I'd never be good enough to be respected.

The work thing has gotten a lot better (for example, I feel like what I write here is worthy, even if no one else read or liked it, I like it). And the approval issue is getting better, slowly but surely. Every black hole within us is something we can work on and fill- and eventually actually use as a superpower (I'll dish more in a future post).

But for now, I'm embracing knowing that it'll never be enough.

As long as I know I can never be satisfied, I can actually let go of it. It's like, "Oh yeah, I don't have to go towards a goal that is legit impossible!" And somehow that's totally okay with me.

When I have those moments of insatiable longing, I just tell myself, "Two Million Dollar check. It will never be enough." and the pressure lifts.

PS- The sexy titles were creeping me out, so... no more.

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