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A website for runners who don't run

Imagine non-runners subscribing to a newsletter for runners.

They get running tips in their inbox. Their IG feed is covered with runners running everywhere. Their twitter feed is mostly threads from Olympic sprinters.

These non-runners own running shoes, but they don't run.

"Someday, I'll be a runner," they say to themselves, they say to everyone else. People nod understandingly. "Me too!" they reply. Meanwhile, their Nikes sit in the back closet, whispering 'just do it' in the dark.

One day, they see a runner in person.

"Wow, you're so cool, I love running! I am gonna be a runner too!"

"That's great!" the runner replies. "Why don't you start today? You can go right now!"

"I'm not ready yet! I'd only make it around the block before failing! I need to prepare more so I can be a success like you!"

They show the runner their inbox, their IG, their twitter feed, the running books on their bookshelf.

"Look at what I'm learning! I'm gonna be so prepared when I do start!"

The runner peers at the pictures, at the '10 tips you need to know before your first 10k' post in their inbox, at the thought leadership tweets from fellow runners.

The runner smiles politely at the non-runner, says nothing, and continues to run.