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We NEVER have to do anything alone.

I'm glad you finally asked for help!

I was showing Zach a pic of my backyard after he and some other friends helped clean it up recently.

"People want to help you, Madi. It's great that you finally let us!"

"Finally let us." That part hit me. My friends want to help- they want to see me do well, they want to be a part of my success! They feel just as good seeing the before-and-after of my backyard, as I do.

I don't have to do it all on my own.

I am scared that my writing isn't good enough for a large audience. That I'm gonna fuck it all up and it's gonna be a huge embarrassment.

But today I got a voice message from my brilliant writer friend Harry. "I really liked this one blog post of yours," he said, "and this is why."

He proceeded to break down exactly what made it effective from a copywriting standpoint (it was really insightful). It made me realize, people like Harry and I are naturally drawn to each other because we love the same craft, and people like us mutually want to see each other succeed, and therefore I will never have to go through this alone. I'm sure he'd happily look over my copy in June and tell me if it resonates. He, like Zach, probably wants to be a part of my success, to be a key factor in my career before and after picture.

Not only do I not have to do anything alone, I shouldn't try to do it alone in many cases! I just have to let him, and others, actually help.