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Reverse Engineering my favorite YouTuber

"That's what makes it feel like a movie is, you're willing to put in the time to get this light for this 15 second shot, just right, to convey exactly what you're feeling, and if you do that a thousand times for a thousand shots, it all ends up feeling consistent and it's great."

This video goes super into depth into how my favorite filmmaker creates her videos– all the nerdy little details. I wish there were breakdowns like this for books or even great articles.


  • Every moment of the B Roll also tells a story, no moment is wasted
  • When you truly love something, even if you're a big picture person, you will get into every minute detail of that thing you love.
  • Every great artist studies their craft. Like a scene where her hair is backlit and the interviewer goes 'it's like that Spielberg shot' and she goes, 'that's where I got the inspiration'. They both study the greats and borrow from them.
  • The things that are most authentic to us feel most authentic to others.

PS: Check out one of Natalie Lynn's latest videos. She's by far my favorite artist on Youtube.