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Is your hair pink too?

Imagine we live in a world where some lucky people have naturally pink hair, it's a really coveted trait, and pretty much everyone wishes their hair was pinker.

In this world my Dad has the pinkest hair ever. Growing up, people would tell me that they'd never met a person on Earth who had pinker hair than him. And I agreed!

I'd look in the mirror, after having seen his hot pink hair all day, and mine looked dull and colorless in comparison. I assumed my hair was not pink at all, and I felt ashamed at how dull I was.

But tonight, three different people introduced me as 'the girl with the super pink hair.' Like... here in Austin it's becoming part of what I'm known for. WTF.

I wonder if it's the lighting? I can't have pink hair... surely if they met my father they would reconsider... but maybe compared to most people, my hair is actually quite pink!

My Dad is not even the top 1%... he's like the top 1% OF the top 1% in pink hairedness. By comparing myself to him my entire life, I didn't think to compare myself to everyone else.

So maybe my hair is actually super pink.

...I still think I must be faking it though.