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Million Dollar Emptiness

The new house across the street is listed for a little over a million USD, and tonight the contractors left the lights on, so I went and snooped. 👀

Everything was grey or black. Concrete floors. Small floor plan. Cabinets looked like IKEA. Felt really stark, like a bachelor who'd never felt the touch of a woman had designed it.

I crept in through the back gate. The backyard was tiny. Beyond it, a view of a busy street, with lots of traffic noise. For over a million dollars!

I walked back to my place and opened the door and it was the nicest feeling. I've put so much work into this fixer-upper and the inside feels SO much more inviting than the expensive home next to it!

I sat on my back porch overlooking my massive yard and the untouched forest behind it. The sounds of crickets and night birds filled the air.

I know it's silly to compare, and maybe it's petty of me to do so, but, sometimes, it's totally good for the soul.

Someone is going to buy a million dollar house, but I've got a home.