⛰️ How many summers will you get? 🏔️

"Yep, bring them over! We'll take care of your houseplants for the summer!"

"K, I love you Dad, bye!"

It's happening!

I'm doing the frivolous thing! I'm going to spend August in the mountains, hiking everything in sight.

I wanted to put it off till next year because I'll have more financial flexibility then, but, like, how many summers am I gonna get where I'm healthy and able-bodied and I don't have kids yet and this is even gonna be an option for me?

I see so many people putting things off... maybe forever, because 'it doesn't make sense.' Yoooo, life doesn't make sense! I mean seriously, how do any of our decisions ultimately add up when they all just lead to death anyway?

So go do the thing that makes your soul light up, while you have the chance!

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