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I'm happy and now I don't know what to do here.

My favorite blogger, Pat Walls, got happy this year- his business is taking off, he's got a girlfriend, he's settled in one place... and he has largely stopped personal blogging.

Maybe there's something about finding happiness that does that to someone? I've also been struggling to write here. I don't want to talk about my personal life anymore, but that's what I built this blog on.

I feel secure. I want to keep some mystery. I guess I respect myself more. I don't want to get dramatic- it doesn't get me high like it used to. If I have weird thoughts, or if crazy things happen in my life, I put them in my personal journal where only I can see it. If I do share something personal here, it's starting to make me feel really un-okay afterward.

I started feeling this way about a month and a half ago and it hasn't gone away.

So if I take long breaks, if my writing is sporadic, if it changes, this is why.

And if you miss me, you can catch my writings on my newsletter, where I'm exploring how I apply startup growth techniques to my personal life. It'll be more scientific, more data-driven, it'll have useable stuff, but it'll still be ME exploring life. But like, it won't make me feel queasy the next day haha.