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Tarot Card Readers = Business Coaches?

Tarot Card Readers = Business Coaches?

I'm at an occult bookstore to get my cards read for the first time. Melissa, my  friend who is about as woo-woo as I am (aka, not at all) recommended it, and even though I excitedly agreed, now I'm feeling a bit scared and I don't know why.

I see a book section labeled, "Spells and Magic' and I peer through a guide to starting a witch's coven. The couple in front of me are inspecting a sharp, brilliant dagger and I wonder wtf they're gonna use it for.

But anyhow, I'm here for the tarot reader. I might not believe that the tarot reader can see people's destinies, but I do believe that she can see people. To be successful in this job, you've got to understand psychology pretty well and be able to dig into your clients and uncover their depths.

The tarot reader beckons me behind some curtains into her lair.

"What question do you wish for my angels to answer?" (cue eyeroll, but also, I'm kind of into it)

"I'm starting a business soon and I want to know how it will go."

She draws a bunch of cards, and we're off to the races! It goes by very quickly as she weaves together a story about my future business, the strengths I should draw upon, the weaknesses I will have to overcome, the obstacles I'll face, the kind of people to surround myself with to find success, and what to focus on. I take notes, and walk away with a basic plan for the next year.

It was fun! All sensical stuff that really related to me, and with the added benefit that she got to be all woo-woo and say things like, "this is what you're meant to be doing!" with conviction and I could just go along with it. It was affirming and positive, and I got some really good pointers too.

It was almost like paying a business coach, and I wouldn't be opposed to doing it again sometime.