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I don't need a Lot

I don't need much to be happy.

  • I don't need a huge social network.
  • I don't need to live in a big, fancy city.
  • I don't need to go out at night in order to have fun.
  • I don't need an expensive routine.
  • I don't need a lot of stuff.

I only need a few things.

  • I need to able to get into nature regularly.
  • I need a few close friends who really get me.
  • I need to work on projects that I truly care about.
  • I need to spend time with family.
  • I need a simple, diligent, healthy routine.
  • I need to live below my means.

It's really that simple. So why do I overcomplicate things? I already have most of what I need to be happy most of the time.