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Hitting the front page of HN

Hitting the front page of HN

Two months ago, I averaged about one and a half visitors each day. Today, over 10,000 people viewed my lazy bitch guide to productivity, talk about a change!

At the beginning of this month I decided to stop daily blogging and shift my energy toward higher-value posts such as the Lazy Bitch story. That story so far has hit the front page of Indie Hackers and HN and in total has gotten me about 11K views and 350 Twitter followers (and still rising). One single article has 100xed the value of all of my other posts here combined.

Which makes me think, I should only focus on such posts! Go all in on articles that take more time and thought, and put more effort into marketing them.

But I could only write something so successful because I spent the last 90 days writing a story every single day.

There's a huge improvement from my first posts to my most recent ones. Slowly, little by little, each day I've been learning how to better craft a story. If I stop doing what I got me to where I am, how do I expect to continue to find success?

PS- Should I start a mailing list so you can get my future big posts to your inbox? Tweet me and let me know... I'm considering it but not sure if anyone wants that.