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can you mix business and pleasure?

I think I can.

With writing, that is. Sure, others have done it too. The Hustle talks business like your slightly buzzed insider confidant in a downstairs study. Matt Levine is valley girl bff meets investment baker with Money Stuff. And Harry Dry mixes killer marketing examples with cheesy headshots and glittering retro-graphics.

But I think it could go in a direction that's new. Do people mix poetry and profits? Verse and venture capital? Do they do it with passion and flow and a fervor that keeps them up past midnight, dancing tip-toed on top of their words, lit up from the inside like the feeling of falling in love?

Maybe I could do that. I mean, I did it once- there is a reason why 'How a Lazy Bitch like me learned to be Productive' hit the front page of HN. But it's hard. I spent the last month writing a guide on networking without networking. I showed the rough draft to my boyfriend and he said his favorite part was the intro. Great, except... the intro was the only unwritten part. It was literally chicken-scratch notes that I took from my diary and random phone chats with my Dad.

So, the one part that wasn't talking business, was the best.

How do I combine the two? There must be a way. I will figure it out.