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one-way mirrors

Hi friend.

I want to update you on my life but I also don't. Like... it's a cheap form of intimacy, knowing me through my blog, is it not? Then again it's actually quite intimate when done right, isn't it? That's why you keep coming back to my posts. And that's why I write them.

But it's only intimate one way. You get all of me. I get none of you. It's fun to feel seen. But empty when it's a one-way mirror.

It reminds me of Brasil. I lived there, learned the language, called it home, but I'm not Brazilian. And these days, I'll hear Brazilians speaking Portuguese and I see them.

But they don't see me.

I used to like being a one-way mirror. It's thrilling to be seen. But now I want to see, too.

Remember it goes both ways. You can see me. I can't see you. How does being in the one-sided mirror make you feel?