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For 30 days, I'm gonna strip naked for you.

Made you look? 😂

So here's the deal. I have a lot going on in my life right now and I'm really overwhelmed. It's all awesome stuff, but even good stress is still stress.

I mentioned this to my therapist today and she said, what you resist persists.

"You're resisting feeling uncomfortable with all the change. Lean into that feeling; write about it, share your discomfort with others."

Every day for the next 30 days, I am going to share what's fucking with my mind, in the most honest way I can. You're welcome to read along and see if it resonates with you too. Being naked with my thoughts, basically the same as taking it all off, right? Let's do this. #30daynakedchallenge (someone plz tweet me a better hashtag)

Day 1: Let's (not) get Highhhh, Brooooo!

Lesson: Highs are always followed by crashes. To avoid crashes, avoid getting high.

Lately I've been getting 'high' a lot to avoid the intense uncertainty in my life.

I've been burying my discomfort in an unmarked ditch in the backyard, by focusing on anything other than my thoughts. I play hype music (omg, awful hype music) to get my heart rate up, and I fixate on problems and people who take away thoughts of anything else.

And then I crash, hard. At night I lie awake, heart racing, fear gripping me close with its pretty manicured claws, whispering in my ear, "You're so fucckkeeed, honey."

Because I'm not dealing with my shit.

So I'm trying to note when I do something that gives me that manic 'high' feeling, and letting it taper off and only acting when I feel unaffected and calm.

It's awful, to not get high. To just like, sit with it. Holy shit. It's like being stuck in a room full of giant spindly spiders that all want to eat me.

But what you resist persists. So, umm, I guess, like, come have me creepy spider bitches? I'll lay down and take it?

Because it's only a feeling.

PS: It would be cool if someone had an Only Fans that got 'naked' with their thoughts. Like you could give 'naked' finance advice, 'naked' entrepreneurship advice, etc.