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Indecision Anxiety

I've started paying closer attention to the thoughts that keep me up at night.

Most of my anxiety is caused by indecision.

I want to live five different lives at the same time, and by so doing I'm unable to prioritize and I burn myself out. And I'm finally ready to give up five mediocre lives for one good one.

My indecision comes from my inability to identify my North Star.

When I have defined goals, my mind quiets and all becomes clear. I have a healthy eating goal for all of May, and it has been so easy to adhere to, because I'm committed. I have a workout goal that means a lot to me, so running 3 miles around Green Lake this morning was delightful.

What are my bigger life goals? What is the most important? What am I willing to put above all else?

What does my one good life look like? It's worth figuring it out so I can fall asleep at night.