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the most interesting friends

I just had the best conversation with my good friend Matt. I drove home bursting with energy, pondering the future, my mind full of possibilities, new questions, new learnings, new schemes and strategies...

I feel so alive right now.

It got me thinking, when I first moved to Austin, I made a public goal of having the most interesting friends in this city. And then I made friends with some of the most successful and well known entrepreneurs here and I got super jaded. I felt like it was all fake... and I wondered why I was here.

But tonight I was reminded of why I chose this city, why I bet so hard on Austin's future. And I think I optimized for the wrong definition of 'interesting', when I set that goal a year ago.

I want to surround myself with people I can learn from. And that might not be super successful or well-known folks.

Like, at the end of the evening I asked Matt where he finds smart, interesting friends. He mentioned a few people whom I already know! But I'm not having those conversations with them.

So, if I already know the most interesting people, then, how do I have these kinds of conversations with them?

What kinds of conversations do I wish to be having?

And do I know enough to effectively contribute to those conversations?

Maybe I just want to learn right now. How do I even get in the right frame, so I can listen?