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the action-money paradox

the action-money paradox

Note: this post is from a chat I had with Harry Dry, and the running metaphor is 100% his words- so go follow him.

What prevents me from taking action? I don't know where the money is.

It's a paradox: if I can't follow the money, then I can't take action, and if I can't take action, then I can't follow the money.

So it's like a loop that traps me and most people trying to make money at first:

But as soon as I start and I get any feedback at all, then I'm already on the road.

It's like if I'm running, as soon as I take action, I've got a time. I've got 10 minutes per mile and then I can build from there. Or maybe I start and I can only run 200 meters! And that might prevent me from taking action, like, oh I probably can't run and it's embarrassing.

But even if I walk, I'm in the game.