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✨That Summer Feeling✨

I step outside and it's sunny and raining at the same time, and in my mind the rain is glitter and the sky is shades of pink and blue, and everything I see has a throwback polaroid filter over it.

I light my dress on fire as I go meet the boy with hair made of ice. Our friends are waiting, water guns at the ready, and we shoot neon rainbows at each other while laughing and laughing and laughing.

The sun sets as we dance in the park, string lights falling from the heavens to light our way, and we gleefully invite strangers to join. I let loose in dance and my red dress turns into a bonfire as the boy with ice hair melts, my glow reflected in his soft smile.

We're all piled on a bunch of mattresses, sharing snacks and reading books, draped over each others bodies like we're 12 year olds at a sleepover, as confetti softly falls to the ground around us. Ice boy shakes the glitter out of his hair and opens his arms as the entire room disappears and the glitter turns to stars and we're floating in our own galaxy. I close my eyes as he pets my hair.

Sunlight streams through my blinds. I turn over, my arms wrapped around the ice blue squishmallow I bought so my 100% single self would have something to cuddle with.

I yawn, and open the blinds. Hm?

It's raining glitter again!

I grab my red dress and run outside.

PS: I wrote this while running a fever with COVID a couple of weeks ago. I waited to post it because I was worried it might be shit due to my mental state, but goes to show, when you build a skill it's there no matter what.

Anyway, this is what summer in Austin feels like to me. It's all a little bit of magic.