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People CAN change.

We've all heard that people can't change, that an old dog can't learn a new trick, that you should never expect anyone to be anything other than what they show you the first time.

This limits people into believing that they aren't capable of change, especially after age 25 when one's brain is done developing. That's what we've all been told, right?

But they CAN. I've seen it with my own kin.

Age 47: My workaholic Dad retired, sold everything, and joined the Peace Corps. He returned a dramatically more calm and easy going person.

Age 50: My school teacher grandma became a software engineer. She says her 16 years programming were the highlight of her life.

Age 83: My grandparents finally learned how to have a happy marriage, after being unhappily together for 60 years. I've watched them become dramatically more empathetic and loving towards everyone in their lives in the last decade.

If they can do it, so can anyone, at any age. Period.