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Preview: Three Focuses for 2021

...the possibility to fashion one’s time more optimally in order to achieve more. However, it does so under the pretence of being able to focus on three core priorities at a given time. -Steph Smith

Any more than 3 core focuses, and it all falls apart.

With that in mind...

My three focuses for 2021

  1. Mental Wellbeing
  2. Starting a media company
  3. Making Austin 'Home'

It's hard to narrow it down to just three! I also want to commit to a great romantic relationship next year. I want to travel during the summer months. I want to deepen my friendships. But if I only do the three things I've listed as my focuses, then I'll be happy. And that's good enough!

I'll elaborate more on these priorities in a 2020 recap and look-forward post later this month.

What are your three things for 2021? Tweet me, and hell, tweet the world, and let us all know!