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my mother's daughter

I was raised by my Dad, and as a kid I remember being so thankful that he raised me because I didn't have his soul. If my Mom had raised me, maybe my Dad and I would never have become close (which he and I deeply are).

But with my Mom, I might not see her for 9 months and then I'd step off the plane and it was like no time at all had passed. Instantly, it was like meeting a mirror of myself, I felt so known with her, so in tune, it was effortless.

Since becoming an adult, I've looked back and wondered what that feeling was like. She and I rarely talk, we live in different states, we have different lives. If I get off a plane now, it's my younger sisters waiting for me at the airport. My mom and I don't get much time to connect.

But tonight I called her. I needed advice, badly, and this fire came out of my Mom's voice and everything became so clear, no one else has been able to get through to me on this but her.

And as she spoke, her words were my words.  If the roles were reversed, I would have said maybe the exact same things, in the same delivery, with the same fire and urgency and beauty. It was my voice coming out of her.

Or I guess, it's her voice that comes out of me.