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TX is fucked: the most apocalyptic grocery store experience

It's been one of the most stressful weeks I've ever had? And yo' girl wanted nothing more than chocolate cake for dinner. Because, fuck it.

Grocery store and roads are finally open. Let's do this. I walked up to get a cart and a distracted woman and a man were both headed in the same direction.

"Oops, sorry, didn't want to get in your way!" the man said, graciously stepping aside to let the woman go first.

"Omg! Ahhh!" the woman yelled, literally running away from the man while she burst into tears, "I hate when people do that to me!"

...I wasn't even inside the store yet.

I was expecting crisis level. I was expecting the kind of half-empty chaos I encountered during Houston's devastating hurricane. I expected something similar to the first week of COVID where everyone panic-bought the entire store.

What I didn't expect, was to see EVERYTHING IN THE STORE COMPLETELY GONE.

The only thing left in the fruit section was a couple packets of kumquats (goes to show, no one likes kumquats).

'Adorable kumquats' they say. They are kind of adorable. I put them in the cart.

On to the bakery section.

I didn't film it, but the only thing that was in this section was something that looked like gravel called, 'healthy vegan dessert bars'. Go figure.

On to the meat section.

Every fresh section looked like this. The dairy section? Also completely empty. I did manage to find some butter in a bottom shelf somewhere random, but that was it.

And the entire freezer section was empty too. There were some other rows that had NOTHING on them as well. Crazy!

I've never seen anything like it.

I checked out with some cake mix (I'll just make my own cake!), my adorable kumquats, and quite a few pudding packets... honestly, wtf, I have no idea. I think I was like, 'I can cry, or I can buy 4 packages of oreo pudding.' So, I bought the pudding?

The checkout guy avoided my gaze. I wonder how many stressed, panicked, angry people he'd seen today. How many ladies like the one who burst into tears outside the store.

Your hair is awesome! I said, motioning to his shoulder-length bright pink do. He broke out in a relieved grin, his eyes smiling. "Thank you so much!"

And off I went. Let's hope the next grocery run is better.