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His Art Mattered.

In this Jimmy Fallon episode where Chadwick Boseman surprised his fans, it's undeniable that Chadwick deeply impacted SO many lives with his art and his work. I couldn't help but think, "He fulfilled his purpose. He could die with peace." His work mattered.

Earlier today, my friend Matt and I toured a gorgeous new 1.75 million dollar home here in Bouldin Creek (Austin).

We frolicked throughout this millionaire dream house with teenage zeal, me in a hot pink mini dress, him in a Hawaiian print tank-top, and we halted in the MTV Cribs-esque closet, looked at each other dramatically and said, "This WILL be us soon."

The air hung thick with fateful electricity. There was no room for doubt. Honestly, we both really meant it. I know we could do it.

But I don't want it if I'm not doing work that matters. I would rather live in a shack and have nothing as long as I'm adding substantial value to this world. Videos like the Chadwick Boseman clip help bring me back to this.