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Getting a book in the airport bookstores?

Ever since I can remember, I've walked into airport bookstores and daydreamed about having a novel on one of their shelves.

Today was different.

I walked in and asked: "How many books are in this store?" "What does it take to get a book in one of these stores?" "Are all these stores chains? Can you get into one individual store or do you get into all of them? Do publishers do this or does the individual do this or does an agent do this?" "Which covers stand out and why?" "Which authors are a flash in the pan in these stores, and why are they here?" "Which books are still here after many years and why?"

And I asked myself, "When will I see my book on the shelves?"

Today, it went from a dream to a goal.

PS- If you know anything about how books get into airport bookstores, tweet or DM me, I'd love to learn.