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BitClout in 2018

A couple years ago, I asked the smartest person I know about building a site where you could buy shares of a person.

"That makes no sense," he said, "I mean, if you want to buy a share in a person, just buy shares in the things they build??? Right?"

Now BitClout is all the rage.

I don't care about that- I have a ton of ideas that I never execute on (as do we all) that others make successful. I would have never tried to build anything like BitClout, let's be real.

But I think it's along a theme for me this week: to thine own self be true. I often let others' opinions sway mine more than they should.

Or maybe they should sway me? I mean, maybe it's a good way to tell if you're serious about something.

If everyone is telling you not to do it, but you still believe in the thing you wanna do, that means something.

Conversely, if everyone is telling you to do it, and you don't want to, that's probably a strong sign too.