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join my living daydream

It's a warm spring night.

Windows open. A slight breeze plays with your hair, and the smell of night jasmine fills the air. The room is lit only by moonlight, casting soft rippling shadows onto the floor.

On your back porch, the neighbor's creamsicle colored cat sits and moongazes. You smile. The moon reflects in the cat's eyes as it spots you, then slinks off into the tall swaying grass that reflects moonshine as if enchanted.

You're listening to this song (https://youtu.be/5FSDuycvwpM?si=CE-D2Qhe4se1NCp2&t=94…), and you wonder how you could possibly be so lucky to get this life, right here, right now, watching the neighbor's cat in the grass and the light upon the floors. And what if every night is just as magic?

And what if you just never noticed until now? Is it as simple as playing a good song, and being still, and allowing yourself to see the spellcraft right in front of you?

The creamsicle colored cat sits amidst the grass and the jasmine and gazes back at you, like it's been waiting.