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100 hours

100 hours

Inspired by Pat Walls documenting his tennis practice hours, I started logging every hour that I've danced since I first started dancing in October.

I've danced 110.5 hours since October. If I continue at this pace, it'd take 27 years to reach mastery. 🥲

I record the type of dancing I do, if it's a lesson or if I'm going out with friends, where I dance, how many hours I practice, along with any notes.

I keep this in my '2023' spreadsheet, where I log my finances, my health, and any goals I have for the year, although I prefer Pat's idea of a 'Life' Spreadsheet.

It's cool to note how things are progressing over time:

I was traveling for 2 weeks in December, hence the lack of hours

It also explains why I suck so bad at Blues dancing. Sure, I go to lessons, but I have so few overall hours compared to two-stepping.

It also explains why I feel way out of my league when I do progressive two-step. I did no progressive style at in October or December.

The % of time I've spent in lessons gets lower each month. As I've gotten better, there are fewer lessons geared towards my level. I'm thinking of taking private two-step lessons in February, as well as hosting a couple of friends skill swaps at my house.

It's hard to quantify with numbers how much better I'm getting (unless I was competing and I had a ranking, which I don't plan on doing). So for that, I rely on videos my friends take of me dancing with various partners. It's a great way to see how I've improved, and what parts of my form still need help.