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Tik Tok is my Spirit Guide 🔮 🤷‍♀️

There isn't just one consciousness inside of us. There are many, fighting it out all the time, and if they're not the 'main consciousness' they don't rise to the surface and we're not completely aware of their needs." -some guy at Top Golf

I dunno what to think of that, but I do know that I always have a lot of needs and desires that I'm not fully accepting or aware of.

My tool to see these needs and satisfy them comes from Tik Tok (and sometimes twitter).

Btw, if you're a guy reading this and your Tik Tok is just mostly hot girls dancing... maybe this doesn't apply haha.

But maybe it does! I was getting a lot of lesbian and non-binary sexual videos a couple months ago, which led to 'how to know if you're bi' videos, and once I was like, "Ahhh maybe my sexuality is this," I stopped getting those videos. That desire to understand my sexuality had been fulfilled and my 'for you' page moved on to other things.

After that, I went through a #cottagecore phase. So many of my videos were guys going on hikes through the PNW, or women living in the middle of nowhere, from Svalbard to Montana. I realized I needed to connect with nature, so I booked an airbnb in Colorado for August. And just like that, the videos stopped.

And right now on twitter, I keep bookmarking tweets that are all saying the same thing... and they're not going to go away unless I do something about the need in my life that they're all pointing to.

Anyway, I'm curious, does your Tik Tok also help you to understand the undisclosed desires of your heart?

PS- I'm doing a good job of listening to the signs 🔮 and now my Tik Tok is mostly just people explaining really fascinating concepts, or making me laugh. I love it.