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Preventing Creative Injury

The video below says it better than my post👇

This is the most dedicated/consistent I've been in my life, with everything.

I think it's because I've only taken on what I can handle. Like I've been weightlifting 2x a week, and whenever I tell a guy friend that, they're always like, "You should do MORE." And I love that my guy friends are always trying to solve problems for me, but, like, because twice a week is such a reasonable amount, I have not missed a single session since I started.

If I took it all on, workout-wise, I would have burned myself out. The first time I did personal training last year, I got injured.

I need to prevent creative injury, too. In 2019, I burned myself out to such an extent it took three years to recover. I'm obviously never going to put myself through that again, so for the first two months of book writing, I've been doing less than I want to. My first couple of weeks, I wrote under a thousand words the entire week. Some days this month I've just stared at the screen, written down a note or two, and shut my laptop.

I've also taken a lot of other things off of my plate so that I'm not overwhelmed. I've said no to so many social things... and my introvert-self needs that rest right now. So I always feel like I've got something filling my cup even though I'm taking on a lot this year.