What if this is enough?

What if my life is good enough, right now, just as it is?

What if I don’t need to add anything on, to like, ‘fix it’?

If I don’t need a "purpose"? Whatever that's supposed to mean anyway.

What if I don’t need to write?

I have a good job that I'm thankful for. So, what if I don’t need to be passionate about my work?

Because right now I’m really happy.

I have a good life. Good friends. Good food. Good home. Good hobbies. Good health. Good family.

I have a good day-to-day.

And for maybe the first time ever, I don't want to run away from it.

I don't want to add some extra chaos on top to distract myself, or produce something to prove that I have an ✨exceptional✨ life and I'm ✨exceptional✨ so therefore you should think ✨exceptionally✨ of me.

I think goodly of myself. And that is enough.