Everyone was right: focusing on ONE thing is a superpower.


  • focusing on one goal at a time and making it my ONLY priority is helping me reach goals way faster and better
  • I only focus on one thing at a time within that goal which enables me to slay
  • I get it 80% perfect on a first pass. This allows me to move faster while still doing a good job. The last 20% of anything takes up the most time, with the least reward.
  • I learn faster too- I can take a learning from part 1 of my goal and apply it to part 2 of my goal. If I switched to an unrelated goal, and then went back, I might forget most of my learnings.

My only priority is fixing up my house, and I'm realizing that when I put 100% of my energies into one thing only, I'm able to make great progress. My place went from blood stains and dead roaches stuck in the walls, to a home that's starting to feel really lovely to be in!

If instead, I focused on not only fixing up my house, but also making new friends, dating, side hustles, taking up road cycling, cultivating a garden, learning to meditate, and taking up yoga (all things I want)... I'd have a gross AF house right now. And I wouldn't have made much progress on the other things, either.

And further, within my one big goal (house), I also focus on just one thing (room) at a time, and that's been working really well. So if I'm working on my bedroom but I think of some possibility in my bathroom, I won't be distracted.

And for the room that is currently on my list, I have a goal to get it to 80% perfect, and then I move on to the next area. The last 20% of any room will take a TON of work for much less reward. If I tried to get each space to 100%, I might spend an entire month on one room and then the rest of the house still gives me the creeps. But by doing 80%, I can get the entire house looking nice much quicker, and then once it's all 80% perfect, I can relax and slowly get things to 100 (or not! 80% is still really nice.)

About doing only one goal at a time to help me learn faster: they say that when you sleep at night, you erase a portion of your memories from the day before. Your brain gets rid of stuff it thinks you can do without. So if you're focusing on something and you learn a lesson but you don't immediately apply that lesson to the next thing, your brain is probably going to remember the basic lesson but it's going to forget a lot of the rich detail that will help you in the future.

A house example: I learned a trick to replacing outlets, which I immediately implemented in the next room (all the outlets need replacing haha) and in the next room I learned something to make my job even faster, which I used in the next room and in the next room I... you get the picture. But if I go a month or two without replacing outlets, I'll forget most what I learned in room #1 and it's going to continue to be a slow, anger-inducing pain the in the ass.