It's Time to Build

makers Apr 20, 2020
When the producers of HBO’s “Westworld” wanted to portray the American city of the future, they didn’t film in Seattle or Los Angeles or Austin — they went to Singapore. We should have gleaming skyscrapers and spectacular living environments in all our best cities at levels way beyond what we have now; where are they? -Marc Andreessen 'It's time to Build'

Go read Marc's article. I can't say his words better than he did.

If building is how we reboot the American dream, then I am ready. I am here. I want to build.

I was born to build.

You were born to build too.

So let's make. It's time. Let's change the world together.

And let's start today.

Madison Taskett

I'm a tech growth marketer and indie maker in Austin, TX 🌮. This blog is a daily look into my mind. It's raw, honest, and reflective, and I try to post daily.