Do it with Seoul

Seoul is my favorite city, but often our favorite places have less to do with the location itself, and more about how we felt while we were there.

And every single day of my 3 months in Seoul, I felt like a bad bitch.

I looked for a pattern and realized that I took better care of myself in Korea than I did anywhere else while I was a digital nomad.

In Seoul I:

  • Ate mostly veggies- didn't eat a lot of food either
  • Went running in nature every other day
  • Walked 10K steps a day
  • dressed up daily
  • got enough sleep every night

In Austin I:

  • Eat okay... but not great (and I eat a lot here, oh USA portion sizes)
  • have fallen off of the exercise train
  • don't have a reliable sleep schedule
  • live mostly in sweat pants

Time to make some changes.

PS: Don't get me wrong, I am happy right now! Life is good. But things would likely be even better if I took even better care of myself.