A formula for feeling alive pt 1

Some years of my life are loud and some are quiet. 2022 is almost silent, and I've hardly written, painted, drawn, coded, or done anything creative.

Recently I've felt like writing and it's always been when I'm particularly emotional. The beginning of a trip or an amazing night with friends. I'll feel so alive and blast music in my car and dance and write and dream and draw, all of it. And the next day, back to silence again.

It got me thinking about how emotions affect my art. In the past, I created constantly because I was always in my feels, in chaos. I was nomading around the world, unable to keep a job, starting projects I never finished. I hurt so much. I created so much.

And now, I'm stable. I own a home. I've worked at the same company for over 3 and a half years. I'm in a serious committed relationship. I've kept the same friends and the same routine.

I don't hurt like I used to and there's no need to chase highs anymore. But those spikes in feelings caused a lot of my 'feeling alive' and my art.

I wonder how to create while stable. I see others do it so I know it's possible. Just a code I haven't cracked yet.

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