Scheduling "Airplane Mode"

The last few times I've been on a flight, I've gotten more work done in 3-4 hours than I do in a typical week. I feel energized, creative, and alive. Each time, I land thinking, "How can I make this a regular thing?"

And then I do nothing.

Until today! I scheduled an 'airplane mode' block on my calendar for an hour. One hour of no phone or internet, during a peak time of day when my brain is sharp. I sat outside on my porch, listened to the birds, watched butterflies, and felt the breeze in my hair, and just let my mind run wild.

And I ended up starting a podcast and getting my first guest lol. That took 15 minutes! In the other 45 minutes I got clear about some career things I've been stuck on for months.

Crazy. I got just as much done as I do in an hour on an airplane. And it made me happier, too! I got sunshine, nature, and my brain felt like it had the space to organize itself and breathe.

I'm going to keep this up and experiment with doing it for a month. I dunno if I can do an hour a day, might do an hour a week or 2-3x a week. We'll see. I'll update you with the results.