How to know you're progressing? Compare today to 2 yrs ago.

I've been trying to tell the same story for the last couple of years.

In one of my most bizarre travel moments, January of 2019, the president of Mexico approached my then-boyfriend and I on the streets of La Condesa, and he and his wife chanted 'kiss kiss kiss!" at us in Spanish like giddy teenagers egging on their friends.

Not only is that beyond weird by itself, there's a lot behind that scene... I was struggling with a big decision and the story really speaks to like... no sign in the world can change what you know in your heart.

I first wrote the story two years ago, and it just didn't convey what I was trying to say (and out of respect for the relationship, I didn't want to publish).

But it has potential to tell a really fascinating story with a good theme, so I rewrote it at the beginning of this year and... wow.

Sometimes, I think I'm not progressing as a writer at all, because the changes are so small from day to day, that the progress is barely noticeable to me. But seeing the same story, written two years apart, made it super clear that doing this every single day is really working. I got SO much better!

So if you are struggling with a perceived 'plateau' or are just unable to see your progress, see if you can replicate something from 2 years ago, today! The results, hopefully, may be really comforting.

PS- the President of Mexico story still isn't hitting the mark, so, maybe in another year I'll be a good enough writer to tell it right?