mushy moment 🥺

"I owe you one," he said, "When I first started my tech career, you were the one who had a plan for me, you cared about my goals and genuinely wanted to see me succeed, and you gave me confidence. You did so much to help me shine."

"Because I knew you had it in you!" I responded.

"Did you know they had to change the way they compensated SDRs because of me? Because I was getting more SQLs and making more than any other SDR in the history of the company."

"Shut up, omg, yes!"

"Yeah! And now I mentor people!"

"I've heard! You have a reputation for it."

"Like this one guy who came from poverty and had no idea how to navigate the corporate world. I've been mentoring him and dude, he's closed 5 deals this month!"

I can't tell you how good it feels to know that someone I vouched for and fought for, went on to majorly succeed (though y'all, he would have done it either way, homie is a BEAST) and now he's paying it forward and doing the same for others. My heart is so warm.